Have you ever used an equine chiropractor on your horse ? What experiences did you have ?

If I had more money I'd get mine done every week! Always end up with a happier and more free moving horse afterwards and I can ride knowing that my horse isn't experiencing any discomfort because his bones have been dealt with
My booger gets done regularly, and I plan to start my mounted shooting mare as well. I feel better after an adjustment, I'm sure they do too!!
My boy regularly gets done. He feels much better afterwards and his gait is much improved.
My horse always feels a lot better after her session with the chiropractor so it's definitely worth the investment. Usually good to have once every 3 months but make sure you have a well known chiropractor! Do your homework it's very important they know what they are doing!!
We have our guy in every 2-3 months. I think he feels better after having a session. He feels looser and a bit more relaxed.
Yes my fella gets done every 6 months keeps him flexible they feel brilliant after
They are fantastic! My horse loves his chiropractor and it makes a big difference in his movement.
yes; it was good
They're amazing!!! My friend just used one with her horse and he feels so much better now! Lots of energy!