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Do you think It's normal to sell unborn foals?

Do you think It's normal to sell unborn foals?
Thanks you all for your advice ! :)
It’s normal for people to list unborn foals but personally I would not buy a horse before it was born
They do it in the racing world but I wouldn't recommend it sense the foal may turn out not to be as good as expected( common example is secratariat)
If you get what im saying

Hope this helps!!💜
Hope this helps. Or you can wait untill the foal is born and you can advertise that this mare with her qualities and qualifications and this stallion with his qualities and his qualifications is expecting a baby.
Its a bit of a "gamble" sometimes
Or the foal might not look like or have the qualities that are expected
Yes, its like calling dibs. But then if you sell ur foals make sure the buyer knows about that their are risks, something can go wrong with birth or the
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