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Tips for having a stronger lower leg?

Tips for having a stronger lower leg?
riding with the inside of your thigh helps a lot and when you do it right you'll feel it! Generally when you are told to 'close your leg' they mean your inner thigh! Using your core to slow the horse down and support your leg is also quite effective for rider strength overall too and again you can feel it when you do it right! making sure your leg isn't too far forward will also make it easier for you to apply leg and stay balanced :)
Lost of two point, try posting the trot two beats up one beats down, no stirrups (yes posting the trot πŸ˜‚ sitting won’t help as much) transitions in two point, and you can also do lots of squats and lunges
Lots of no stirrup work!!
Brianna Collins it is bad to turn ur toes out
yes the previous exercise mentioned but without stirrups
Heaps of 2 point, especially in trot! If you can grab someone to watch you to make sure you don't tip too far forward while up out of the saddle. To boost your leg even more is trotting 2 point over trotting poles, really gets the leg burning. Just be careful to give your ankles a break every 5min so to not over do it :)
Hey Zoe try turning your toes out more it is a tip that I use to get told a lot and I have a fairly strong lower leg 😊
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