Stretches to stretch a horses back?

Sorry it stuck, continuing from last message haha! And sacrum. With the tummy tucks go to the girth area, cup your hands under the middle of the belly and pressure point the tips of your fingers and give a little wiggle and watch the back. They should lift their back up. The more you do this exercise the more they will lift. Just do 5 reps once or twice a day. Bum tucks; stand really close against their tail facing towards their head and place your hands at the top of the highest point of their rump. Run your hands down to about 2/3 of their quarters following the line of the spine towards the top it the tail, then about 1-2 hands distance away from the spine push your finger tips into the rump as if you are pushing the cheeks together, both hands at the same time. They should rock their bum underneath them, as if you have cold hosed their tail. You might have to move position a bit as every horse's trigger points are slightly different. Like the tummy tucks and the pelvis rocks just do enough to get a good reaction then leave and 5 reps. Then lastly pick up their tail, then while holding it walk around to the point of hip (repeat both sides) and hold the tail just below the end of the dock. Gently pull the tail towards their head for a few seconds then really quickly release. They might step around to start with but the idea is to get them to hold their ground and minimise as much hip twist as possible to build up the muscles I the hind end. Repeat 5x each side 😁
On the ground, carrot and leg stretches, tail pulls, tummy and bum tucks. So I use 4 positions with the carrot stretches; bringing the head and neck around towards the hip, towards the stifle, towards the foot and lastly between the front legs. Take it slowly to start with and only hold for a few seconds and stretch them as far as they feel comfortable ie their front legs don't buckle. Rember to do bith sides. Leg stretches; 1st bring the leg forward and straight (do with all 4, obviously one at a time 😂) And then bring in towards the midline for an extended forward stretch. 2nd with the front leg bring the foot up so behind the knee is at 90° angle, then smoothly bring the knee back so as to stretch the front of the shoulder while keeping the line if the canon bone and foot parallel to the groynd. 3rd keep the knee bent as start of 2nd front leg exercise, making sure you keep the leg in line (not twisting the foot out or in) press your knee and hand against the side of their knee in towards their other knee to stretch the muscles over the scapula (helps stretch the wither). 2nd hind leg stretch is bring the leg out behind them. I like to keep a hand on the hock and be on the fetlock and gentle press the hock down to help with the leg extension. 3rd hind leg exercise is holding one hand around the stifle, and one under the hock, then lift the tib and fib upwards to make their pelvis rock. Don't hold it at peak like the other stretches, aim is to rock and loosen the pelvis an
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