I think I found a horse that I want to buy, but it's the first horse that I've tried. Someone else is looking at him today. How do I know for sure that he is the one?

sometimes you just know. just because the horse is the first one rode doesn’t mean he isn’t the one! :)
You just know. It’s hard to explain. The first horse I went to see is now my heart horse. He wouldn’t let his old owner catch him when I showed up to look at him but he let me catch him. After that I just knew. I went out to see him two more times before I bought him. But I just knew he was the one.
I would suggest to look at other horses, but find out if someone is really looking at the one you have found, because his owner may say that someone even wants to buy that horse to make you rush in your decision. In case, if you know that someone is interested in that horse, you can talk to the owner (in most cases they understand your situation) and just ask to give you a couple of weeks to consider and don't sell him until then(you can say that you really like this horse, but there are some things that you have to take care first before the deal)
When I first met my boy I knew straight away that I wouldn’t find another horse that I wanted and liked as much as him but that’s just me being sentimental.
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