I am going to buy a new saddle but not sure what brand to buy. I am thinking about: Prestige , CWD or Bruno Delgrange. Which one do you think is better?

Bruno Delgrange. Loved mine. It put me in perfect position and it fit all of the ponies I rode when I had it
I think that one of the top saddles is butet, I have one and then I got a second horse and another saddle a michelle robert prestige and it is very good for jumping but not for flat work!
CWD definitely if you're doing jumpers
Look into Butet, they are faaaaantastic. Especially for taller riders. Custom made, and calf leather is an added bonus 😍💯
Stubben or CWD
Bates are an awesome saddle and great quality!!
I love my equipe!!!
I have a CWD and love it but each saddle fits you and your horse in different ways so trying them might be best before purchasing :)
I have personal experience with many delgrange. For showjumping they are the best, if kept well they will last for years!
I love CWD
Antares are the best!!!
I love my Prestige Meredith but it's up to personal preference, go to a local saddlery and sit in all the saddles without looking at the brand or pricetag and see what feels best and puts you in the best position
I just ended a 2 year saddle search myself and got a Loxley Jump LX by Bliss. In my many conversations of the brands you listed, the Bruno's are the best. They are hard to find preowned and out ofmy price range new. The fact they are hard to find preowned tells me people aren't letting go of them but I find a ton of preowned CWD. A friend of mine is a saddle consigner and won't take on anymore CWD b/c she can't sell them. Best of luck finding the perfect saddle!
Prestige i find quite slippery
I personally prefer Bruno del grange as they take a long time to age but cwd is just as nice but age quicker, try Butet saddles they're extremely comfortable
Would highly suggest a prestige
*quite bad quality
I'd recommand you Delgrange or Prestige, but not CWD because their leathers aren't far as good as the other two. They are actually quite quality To speak frankly even though the brand tends to have a "high-class" image.
I personally feel like Prestige gives me a deeper and more comfortable sit compared to CWD. Haven't tried Bruno Delgrange, so can't really say.
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