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Signs it's time to switch barns?

Signs it's time to switch barns?
If you feel they arent doing what you are asking to keep your horse happy and healthy. If you go home and constantly worry about your horse. Also if you feel like your horses living conditions arent being cleaned properly or you feel like your horse needs to be outside his/her stall longer. Another reason would be if the owner is making you feel like you are making bad decisions for your horse. Because trust me, you are the one who is going to know your horse the best. Hope this Helped!!❤️-Ava
When all you do is worry about your horses well being
Drama. 🙅🏼
If you feel like you're going to vomit as you're driving there. Red flag.
all of those, including if your being treated badly and belittled by your coach. or if you feel like you outgrew their teaching styles
When you feel that your horses safety and welfare is being compromised. That's first and foremost.
If you don't trust people who work there
If you have got to used to all the horses and need a change of horses additives