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What are your opinions on using spurs?

What are your opinions on using spurs?
I think they can be a useful aid, but if you overuse them, they’re abusive and just plain awful. Many riders who use them don’t know how to properly use them
Spurs are fine because what is more obnoxious to them constantly kicking them or a slight “hey!” with a dull and thickly coated with rubber spur. I really don’t mind them I only use them on days where I feel I need to. Spurs really aren’t bad, again unless someone abuses them. I really hate hearing all the byast Raleighlink14 fans, like “Ahh she is some amazing and correct all the time” which is completely untrue. Go watch JETeventing and then tell me who’s better (Jill). :))))))))))))))
I use them and some horses may need them for a while until you can get them listening to your leg. The can be abusive if they are used the wrong way though
Fine if you use them properly
nobody can ride my horse without spurs. won’t go past a slow trot without them he’s been trained correctly he is just that lazy. only need gentle ones and if used correctly then i believe they are fine.
Not going to lie, I am not a fan.
Spurs are used to enhance the horses forward movement and do so due to the discomfort they cause the horse. They are not made for the benefit of the horse, more rather to make the horse do as the rider says.
Do horses like being prodded in the side with a metal rod? No. Despite being coated in rubber, do they want to be prodded in the side? No. Do spurs make horses do as they're told because horses are prey animals and will do as they are told to release the pressure? Yes.

You can get the exact same result with efficient training and a good relationship with your horse. Spurs are a 'quick fix' and don't require any effort in training the horse to accept and understand the lightest aids given by the rider. I was told to wear spurs on a dressage horse once because he was 'lazy'. He wasn't lazy - he just didn't have a full understanding of the forward leg aids due to a lack of training on the owners behalf. Sensitising horses to the leg creates a more responsive and respectful horse rather than desensitising them to the leg using spurs. I say that spurs contribute to horses becoming dull to the leg because they will adjust to more pressure meaning 'go' rather than just a little bit of leg pressure.
I will admit, horses do some amazing movements - especially in dressage - because of the spurs, but it is a shame that they do that purely because they want the pain on their side caused by the spurs to be released.
That's my opinion for you :)
If dull and used correctly they are fine in my opinion, anything in the equestrian world can be abused and people need to accept that. Almost nothing is made to be abusive, it’s the rider who is abusing the object/ product.
They work great if used correctly.
Love them
Spurs are a fantastic extra aid when used correctly. Don't be mistaken in thinking that they are used to get more go. The horse should easily respond forward to your leg without spurs. It's used for refining and precision ie for lateral work, increased collection or when jumping; quick timing for turning, striding or a stronger reminder to say yes this is what we're jumping. Hope this helps :)
There great if used correctly and not abusive