Prestige or Stubben? Which saddles do you prefer and why?
Looking at buying a new saddle but don't know which brand to pick.

It really depends on which saddle fits your horse but I do personally prefer to ride in a Prestige saddle while doing dressage and a stubben when jumping. But as long as the saddle fits the horse and the saddle is the right size for me I don't really care. But if you are looking for a comfortable saddle to sit in then I'd pick the Prestige 😊
I love my Prestige Meredith for jumping! I got it second hand for an amazing price so keep an eye out for second hand one on Facebook or websites

Prestige- very soft leather, deeper position in the saddle, you can fit it for almost every horse, but the downside is that it's pretty pricey, so if money is not an issue I would go for that one:)
Stubben on another hand, is kind of stiff, but strong leather and overall the design is not bad, it fits most horses (close to Prestige).
I would definitely recommend Prestige if you have to work several horses a day or do a lot of dressage. (because for me personally, my back starts to hurt if I ride too much on the stiff saddle)
I find stubben quite hard and prestige a little bit slippy but i much prefer Prestige
I prefer Prestige at I find most Stubbens very hard seated and heavy.
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