What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at a horse show? Mine was puking on a judge really really embarrassing. 😂

Tore my pants wiiiiide open after getting off once. Another time, my horse tried to lay down with me right as the judge motioned to me that it was my turn to go in and start my pattern. Then there was this one time I decided to try ranch trail on a friend's horse. The pattern was set too tight for him (he was easily 16.2 and took monstrously long strides even when collected), and he DEMOLISHED it. The judge, steward, and my coach were all dying of laughter. It was pretty funny, tbh.
Horse stopping to eat grass in the middle of a class
Horse pooping in front of the judge 3 shows in a row and fainting in the middle of a cross :')
Woahh shame!😂 I can relate to something that embarrassing unfortunately😂 I was at a show about two years ago and my horse tripped while we were warming up and I went over his neck. I landed on my hip and I was in so much pain! So I took a few pain killers...😬 I didn’t ride in the end. Instead, I sat with my instructor and the other riders from my yard. The painkillers had really gotten to me and I started to comment on the way the competitors were riding.. OUT LOUD and VERY LOUD! I had everyone clutching their tummies with laughter! It was so embarrassing! It was like I was drunk😂 Afterwards I just had to hope no one actually heard me because apparently I was telling them how to ride properly according to my instructor😂
My horse kicked a judge after he gave us 3rd once 😂
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