I'm riding now a 4 years old mare, and she doesn't know how to flex or to stay in the bit. How should I teach her how to do it (so she can understand what I'm asking for) ?

I know a lot of people say this is a no no but long and low and wide hands have always helped me a lot when it comes to teaching a younger horse to flex and reach for the bit themselfs. A lot of times people try a force a horse to use the bit.
Draw reins are super helpful
Draw reins are a great tool in the right hands
We lunge the youngsters with a girth or cord to help them get used to some pressure on the bit and go into a frame. With riding we don't fuss too much about it, just work on transitions and impulse, and always reward and release when the horse relaxes into a frame. If you are having trouble see if there is someone nearby with experience who can help you out 😊
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