What do you expect from your stables ? As a rider or owner.

First of all, the well-being of the horse is the most important thing.
Without a happy and healthy horse we have nothing left.
Then, respect and attention to the clients, clean and organized stalls and facilities, good training facilities, good atmosphere, ...
Clean stalls/property, good quality hay, healthy horses and nice people.
This is actually a very good question which I don’t think many people think much of and very relevant to me at the moment.

I look for a clean ( or as clean as can be with horses) and safe environment for both horses and people.

I also look that the yard is working for me and I am not wasting my money so I complete so a good area is a must or some people may look for good turnout etc.

It’s also important that the yard is run professionally and fair.

I don’t expect it, but I think that a close community is quite important and I do expect things to be kept in order e.g. people clean up after themselves and do their bit
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