Looking for advice. My gelding lame on front left. Swelling to tendon area. Call veterinary or box rest and see what happens?

Swelling around tendon area and lameness can be caused by tears, ruptures and other traumas. It can escalate fast and could later develop into a serious problem.

You should see your veterinary, and in the case of tendon injury, you should act quickly because the best results can be achieved with the treatment in the earliest stages of injury.

Stem cells can be in a great help for early tendon injury, tear and rupture treatment - it is safe, it has no side effects and it leaves no scar tissue, reducing the possibility of repeated trauma.
Call the vet
Always call the vet! Even if they just give you advice over the phone, a professional is the way to go.
Call the vet just to be safe
Swelling around the tendons I wouldn't wait I'd call the vet immediately he could be in a lot of pain it's better to be safe than sorry
If it's anything got to do with
I noticed it yesterday morning. Then farrier confirmed my suspicions today. He advised box rest and hoseing down. Which I’ve done. I’ve left him in today. With leg wraps on. I’ll see what it’s like later x
It really depends on how long it's been going on for. I would give the horse a day or two and see if it goes way, because it might have just been a bump, but if it doesn't go away then take the horse to the vet.
Call vet
I would call a vet!
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