Need to get my confidence back when I jump my horse. Any tips ?

Defiantly start with poles or low jumps. Do them until you feel bored going over them and you know you can do them with ease! Raise them up ( nothing major like a hole perhaps) and do that height till your bored going over them again. Keep repeating until your where you want to be! Also don't worry if things feel like they are going backwards, because sometimes the only way to go forwards is from starting from behind!
Start with the jumps lower until you feel good and trust your horse! Slowly start raising them. Don’t be afraid to take your time :)
well put, @judithotten !!
What helped me was keeping the fences low until you get sick of it/bored and get excited again to jump higher. That can take as long as needed.
Focus on flat work and build good confidence there, then go back to jumping.
You can even just start off with poles to work on finding distances so that you are more confident going to the jumps
I have never been a big jumper ( literally) The highest I ever went was 1m and recently I’ve started riding again after a year. It’s been about two months with my new horse and we are only on 40cm. And I think we are comfortable there for a while longer. So I guess my advise would be to take it easy, no rush. Take your time and only move up in height when both you and your horse feel confident and comfortable xx
Start off small and gradually put the jumps back up to the height what u used to be comfortable with 😊
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