I have an Oldenburg jumper brought to my stables. He gets lazy and when you push him on he has learned to bulk and to side step, disconnecting. Any tips?

He is a personal horse, perfect vet evaluation. I had him extensively checked before purchase. Pain is not an issue at this moment.
I’m going to say he’s in some sort of pain. Has he been evaluated by a vet? Is he your horse or a lesson/lease horse?
Keep his brain moving and thinking! Dont give him the opportunity to do something you dont like😊 if cant change the way hes thinking or acting change the way your reacting 😊 for example if you feel him slow down or pin his ears bring him to a tight circle or maybe a tap with a crop, leg yeilding worked wounders as well as serpentines and if you jump put together a little grid or add tons of poles... anything to get his brain thinking on what you want this to do! dont give up 💗
Lots and lots and lots of forward transitions and keep him focused. Frequent short breaks and lots of praise when he stays connected and listening to you
Maybe check his feed, add power boosters. His buck might be just him being naughty. Reprehend him with a tap
His saddle fit is impeccable and I am riding him in a loose ring snaffle at the moment.
He will even do as much as to try and bulk and buck when you take him from the extended walk onto the trot.
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