I've been seeing this a lot lately- riders entering a horse in multiple classes in a span of just a day. I think 2 classes a day is the max a horse should do a day, what's your opinion?

In New Zealand the limit is 3 classes per day. I only do 2 classes per day and normally 3 total classes over a 2 day show. It depends of regularly the horse is jumped though I guess, they spend most of their time in the stable/yard doing nothing anyways
It depends on the horse and difficulty of the class, some horses have more stamina than others and if the jumps are smaller than they usually can do they wont put as much effort in, so they have more energy. Ive seen people do the lowest possible class as a warm up, then participate in higher classes (jumpers)
@agilequines - I'm referring to hunters / jumpers in specific . Some Hunter trips have 3 rounds of jumping and that's not calculating all of the warm up jumps. And jumper classes are often table ll:b with a jump off. If you enter multiple classes that consist of two rounds and add in the warm up jumps...I think that is way too much. Riding for a half hour and jumping are two totally different strenuous activities .
disagree. i enter in many classes. it'd be just like riding at home - you dont ride for only 10min a day, do you?
Yes 2 classes a day is the max-what if you were in the horses’s place? Think about it
typically at a week show i lay it out like this (for my eq/hunter horse):
monday - arrived @ show
tuesday - warmup (light hack, pro ride, or lungeline)
wednesday - two hunter o/f classes
thursday - two hunter o/f classes
friday - lesson (o/f)
saturday - whatever 3’3” eq division (two o/f, one flat), nehc medal (o/f, possible test), chja (o/f, possible flat), this (o/f, possible test)
sunday - off (just a happy horse in turnout)
In the Netherlands you cannot show your horse in more than 2 classes a day. Jump-offs are excluded.
I think it depends what they are doing I show 2 in hand classes 3 English flat classes and 4 western classes all in one day but your horse just needs to have the muscle and stamina to do it.
Depends on how rigorous the classes are and also how athletic the horse is.
I think it all depends on the horses ability and athleticism.
@theecequestrian I totally should've been more specific, of course I was referring to jumpers (including jump offs) so a total of 4 rounds a day. But I think a hunter division is perfectly acceptable as you just described !❤️
But in hunters we have like 6 jumps total per course and also four o/f make up the division so... sometimes it’s 2 and 2 per day, othertimes its 3 and 1... and standard to do a low warmup class. But when we do show, they get time off afterwards.
I never do more than three o/f and one flat. Four if it’s a classic, but only once in a while.
I’m doing 3ft and I have about 2-4 classes a day usually one is a flat class and I only show my horse for two days. We’ve worked on getting him very fit so it’s a good amount for him. I don’t like doing a ton of classes either because not only does it take physical energy, but mental energy for your horse since their is a lot going on and your at show grounds that you go to every once in a
@mpmsporthorses I'm from the Netherlands 😊
My country has a rule where you can only enter 2 classes/day/horse and i think its quite good. I’ve watched some youtubers enter like 5 classes/day on one horse and it seems a bit excessive
I prefer to keep it short and sweet so that my horse is happy to perform. I usually do 2 classes in Showjumping with jump off OR 2 classes in dressage. I always give him water and chaff/hay between classes
Usually what I'll do is do 4 low hunter classes and a couple flats and maybe an equatation test!
@courtneykaelin I think something like that is definitely reasonable !🤗
i think it all depends on how long they have in between/the height you’re showing. i show my pony in 2’3 jumpers and she also competes in cross rails with her other leaser which is 12 jumps. But i think if you’re showing 2’9 or higher 2 classes is definitely enough
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