What colour tack looks best on a dark chestnut in the hunters and the jumpers?

Dark brown/Havana brown looks great! Sometimes black gear can look a little bit harsh on chestnuts 😊
100% brown it is so classy
Brown tack
Blue, red and brown
Dark Havana Brown is always my fav!
(For the saddle pad and other stuff than the saddle.)
I like blue, whatever shade looks best for your horse.
Black is def more classy
It depens on the shade, if it's that really dark liver chestnut then dark havana looks smashing but with more "random" shade when its not really choco but still dark or when its not even shade (like darker on the head or legs) I would go with black
I think havana brown looks nice
I’ve just realized that you said tack, sorry, I was talking about boots, numnah and fly bonnets 😂 In that case black
Or green🤷‍♀️
Navy! I’m a sucker for chestnuts in navy xx
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