Do you guys have insurance in case something happens with your horse, like a truck accident? Or an injury?

yes, we always insure the horses. Policies aren't crazy expensive depending what you get, but it will cover vets, colics etc if anything is to ever happen
It is wise to have a policy, even just a simple colic policy for $300 a year. Worth the peace of mind.
Yes, I have always insured my horses. I feel like it is my responsibility to do so, not necessarily for the coverage in case of mortality, but more so in the case that they need an emergency surgery that I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford out of pocket. It is always important for my peace of mind to know that I am safe, rather than sorry!
I don't but am considering it for vet bills because I have heaps ahaha, also I know heaps of people who do and say they would never go back, I think its worthwhile if you have a horse you couldn't bare losing because of not having the money at the time to send into surgery or something.
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