Hi guys! I’m new and I have my first dressage class in December with my horses! Any ideas to calm down and not to be so freaked out ?

Take deep breaths!!!
Practice your test A LOT so you don’t have to stress about where to go and that way you can focus on you and your horses positon more. Good luck💕
Just taking as any other lesson or really any other ride
I recommend going through your routine a couple times to make sure you know what you’re doing and if you know you struggle in one specific thing, for example bend, just practice it alone, instead of with the whole routine. I also recommend just having fun! If it’s your first time, don’t sweat it. Ride for yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t as well as you thought you did! You have to remember it could always be the judge and their preferences and such.
Smile! Ride for yourself and not for the results :)
Heya! Best thing is to breathe deeply, keep a floppy tongue and take each movement one at a time. Each movement is a fresh start and will be a different mark so don't panic if you stuff up one, you've got so many more chances to relax and get your groove on. When you're in front of the judge it is your time so don't rush 😉 Also if you forget your test its all good we all do it! Its only 2 little penalties. And most of all have fun! Judges love to see you smile and enjoy your time with your horse :)
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