On average, how many horse shows do you do in a year?

At least 55
Almost every week during show season
usually i do three - four different week shows (i.e. three wks @ vermont, two wks in florida, one wk @ hits saugerties, one wk @ princeton, etc.) & then like 5-15 day shows depending on how many horses i’m showing, horse injuries, points i need for finals, or if i get catch rides etc.
I do maybe five eventing shows and five showjumoeibg shows plus a couple derbies
Centoria bz has participated in 25 to 30 competition in past six months ago, including 5 competition 145-150 cm, 10 competition 140-145, 15 competition 130-135 cm.
Pobs 15
ONCe a week for the whole show season maybe sometimes twice or none depending on what show or injury etc
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