What jumping stirrups would you guys find best?

I like the eqiwing nylon stirrups
Freejumps are grippy, release your feet in an accident (they released my feet and prevented me getting dragged), help with my knee/ankle/hip pain, look awesome, stay in just the right spot!
Sprenger Bow Balance, or Jin Stirrups are my favourite.
i agree with basically every one freejumps but american equus looks nice aswell❤️
I really like Freejump stirrups. I have nothing bad to say about them.
Flex-on. Help keep your lower leg stable.
Freejump all the way!!
Little bit biased here but I love my Jins!
freejump are the best!!
Sprenger jointed stirrups, have them for almost 10 years and I love them! But I also love the Prestige ones with the wide footbed.
composit stirrups are a great cheaper alternative to higher end ones!
Flex-on !! They are awesome
I have NuAngle stirrups which are pretty cool :)
I love the Lorenzini Stirrups!
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