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What discipline of riding do you do? And what level? Personally, I do the High Adult jumpers (1.10m)

What discipline of riding do you do? And what level? Personally, I do the High Adult jumpers (1.10m)
Junior Show jumper, currently schooling a green gelding so on only 1m with him. But I have my 1m10 points and I jump up to 1m20 in training helping out the liveries at the stud ☘
all the 3’/3’3” eq medals, low hunters (3’) but hopeful to move up to the big eq when i go down to florida!
Childrens Hunter and medals at 3ft
English dressage etc
English Eventing. I do about 2ft competitions, schooling 4ft.💚
Jumping 1.05
Hunters 3’6
Children’s hunters!!
Adult amateur hunters, 3’3” but moving up to amateur owners 3’6” this year!
Children’s Hunters (3ft)
I've started jumping, but my horse Centoria B Z, has a lot of awards at 145 cm high and upper, She has a ISJ level: 145 cm
Jumping 1.20
I event up to 1* (1m10) and I've showjumped up to 1m20. I mainly get young or difficult horses to sell or school so I haven't really had the opportunity to step up past that in awhile. Though I do enjoy bringing them up so I'm happy to stick with it.
With my Arabian I ride Showjumping at 1.00m, Eventing at Basic level up to 90cm and dressage at Dutch level L2, it includes rein back, leg yield and working/extended gaits. I'm not familiar with UK and US levels 😅 with the chestnut I start showing for the first time in dressage at the basic class since she has never done dressage shows before, and the big bay is jumping 80-90cm basic classes now but moving him up to the 1.00m the next outdoor season. I pretty much do a little bit of everything 😂
@madison1 that is so neat! That requires an immense amount of talent to be able to learn / practice all 3 disciplines! My horse Caraszini was started as a dressage horse, so I've always wanted to take a few lessons to learn how I can more effectively flat him and then of course have that improve our jumping as well 🤗
it is! such a thrill! combines all of my favorite discipline, the technique and precision of dressage, the accuracy and organization of jumpers, and the bravery and thrill of cross country
@madison1 eventing seems like so much fun! 😍