I’m looking to own a horse of my own, first time owner. I’m currently looking at rescue horses. Do you think they are good for first time owners?

Yes! My first horse/ only current horse is a rescue!
It depends on the horse some times there a little tricky to train because some of them have been abused
It depends on the horse and how experienced you feel you are. It will also depend on your financial situation cause rescues sometimes need a lot of medical care
I agree with the other two answers....BUT there are plenty of old school horses who end up in a bad spot....so I absolutely encourage adoption and totally think you’ll find one who is the perfect fit for your level. Best of luck! 💖
I would LOVE to say yes, because I 100% support rescuing/adopting when you can. But this will all depend on your riding level. Most beginner riders should start with a more seasoned horse, that's older, been there done that. This will help the beginner rider stay safe, build confidence and learn more effeciently. As a rider advances, they can take on more of the difficult horses that will be able to challenge them and help them learn even more. The problem with rescue horses is that they don't have a lot of training or time under saddle, so this might be challenging for someone not as experienced . If you are more advanced however, a rescue might be a wonderful option! You will be able to "re-start" the horse and develop a real partnership together❤️
Not to mention rescue horses may need more maintenance and care than most horses..so unless you are familiar with the care taking part involved with owning a horse first, a rescues needs in the beginning might also be more of a challenge for you. Some are sickly or malnourished etc. I wish you the best of luck though as you search for your very own, that is such a special experience 🤗
no really... it's best to look for a horse who have more experience under their belt and maybe a little older. one who can teach you and is forgiving
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