What specific place or country do you recommend for learning how to train horses?

Hi Andrea, in my opinion there are many different country to learn how to train horse!
England: very classical horse riding school, deutch school more strict than england, USA for the forward movement and also hunter classes!
You really have a lot of choice! It all depends on which horse riding you prefer to learn! :)
Maybe you can go in England and after in The United states to see the differences.
I don't think there is an ideal place to learn how to train. I believe everyone has their own style/way of learning, and what I find best how I've learned to train horses is by listening to everyone, and reading everything.
I even think you could learn great things from people like Anky (dressage "rollkur queen").

Just because you mightn't like the person or a particular thing they do. If you hear them speak, listen! They may say one word that makes you go "ah ha" I get it now. Even exploring outside your discipline. I'm a English rider, but most of my techniques for breaking and training are from a western fellow. Create what you like and what you think makes sense, and never stop learning!
Florida or bc/Alberta in Canada
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