What are your options on the compositi stirrups? Do they feel cheap and are they durable?

I have a pair and although they aren't as grippy as I'd like, they do the job and are durable, though since they're plastic they are easily scratched. The fact that they come in a variety of colours is great though, since you can customise your tack to your preference! :)
ive had mine for almost a year and they look great! but if you often scrape your feet against stuff (fences and standards) they will start to look a little worn
They are very durable! We have them for our riding school horses, so they get about 10-12h a week of use. Haven't had any problems with them and they are very lightweight 😊
They are definitely not as good as the more expensive stirrups but mine were great to use while I was saving up for free jumps👍
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