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What are everyone’s opinions on rescuing a “kill pen horse”? ive heard good and bad. 😊

What are everyone’s opinions on rescuing a “kill pen horse”? ive heard good and bad. 😊
Kill pen horses have bad tempermeants or something mentally and or physically wrong with them but they can be wonderful horses with a little work but yet again you are saving a horse but also giving the person more money to get more horses to slaughter.
Look up “kill pen circle”. You are basically paying $600-$2000 for a horse that cost $0-$500 in the first place. Then, you are just feeding the buyer money to get more horses slaughtered.
I think it depends on the horse and the potential buyer. Some horses can become fabulous whereas others turn out to be awfully behaved. A lot of kill pens over price their horses, though, because they know kind hearted people will pay more to save the horses.
dont buy from a kill pen. they are over priced and that money goes back to buy other horses to go into the "kill pen". if you buy from a kill pen, the money goes to buy more horses to put in that pen. buying from a kill pen supports slaughter and kill buyers. most of the horses wont even go to slaughter. they advertise the horses as in "extreme danger of going to slaughter" and they need to get out, but in reality they are not in any danger of going to slaughter. it's a nasty business. please, buy from a well known rescue. those rescues will use that money to benefit the other animals in the rescue & help other animals.
i think that those who do are amazing, but hate when ppl just do it bc it’s cheaper. if you aren’t able to train and have the patience to manage perhaps a horse that’s been abused or isn’t the most well behaved horse in the world than definitely no. that’s the main thing ppl need to realize before they get a “kill pen horse”. . .they definitely won’t be ready to be @ the horse shows or win all the hunter o/f classes, it’s work and that’s what needs to be accepted abt them, which is why they are appealing bc of their inexpensiveness. so be careful with what you choose and make sure youre capable to train these horses but i think it’s a great experience that everyone should get to try if they’re willing and knowledgeable.
I think it is all in what you are looking for. When you go or get one online, you are taking a chance on one that might not have ever really been handled all that well. I got a pony off of a kill truck and he is probably one of the sweetest ponies I have. So I would go for it! I think it will be a fun adventure!
I feel like you can buy diamonds in the rough - but you can also easily get the ones that have a reason for being there - like the broncs etc. while they might not be a problem for some people who can re-train them sometimes unfortunately they're better off there ): but I've known heaps of absolutely incredible horses with oodles of talent that have come from there. Just know what to pick! You can have the same situation in just trying to privately buy a horse