Just a fun question. Do you prefer brown or black tack? I love both

Depending on the colour of the horse but I like black
brown 100%
Depends on the horse colour. I have a black saddle and brown bridle because that’s just how it worked out lol
I personally like black, but I think it depends on the horse’s coat!
Brown ❤️
Black 🖤 I think it’s more elegant jajaja but I have brown tack lol
In my opinion, it depends on the tone of brown but I personally prefer Black
I like both, though leaning more to the side of brown. I have brown tack for showjumping and cross country, black tack for dressage 😊
dark brown tack, black boots, gloves and helmet
Black or dark brown for me.
I prefer black tack. But really dark brown is also good. It’s close enough to black.
I like brown tack.
I like really chocolatey brown tack
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