When the horse canters I have to go with the movement of its neck so I lean forward(not two point). Is this ok or should I sit the canter? (My body only leans forward. Not my seat)

Thanks everyone!
when you lean forward you are half seating which is what i kinda do imbetween jumps on a course, in eq classes ill sit my canter other whise in flat i
it's impossible sit straight and to move your bod forward without your seat tilting forward... follow his neck only with your hands, not your whole body. you have three standard positions in the canter; sitting, two point and half seat. what @ameliaduplooy is talking about is a half seat. but a half seat is to get off your horses back and give him some freedom, to slow him down you'd block with your seat. or if you need to give your horse more balance and you're in a half seat just open up in your upper body.
Well I usually stand upwards while I'm leaning forward, it helps me to have my horse more in control and also making him slower since he's so small and fast also an Arab. It helps me alot and I feel comfortable so. As long as you lift your bum upa little from the saddle it'll be fine.
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