Suggestions do a addles for short people, with short legs? Dressage or jump.

Ah legend - thanks @melharcup
Voltaire have single flap so closer contact to your horse. Doesn't matter then on the length of your leg and they measure the knee rolls to you :)
Thanks all. I mean what brands/styles have the shorter flaps that can accommodate for shorter legs.
imo jump saddles have shorter flaps & dressage have long
Dressage sits you deeper so you will get more from your shorter legs in terms of contact with your horse. If you like riding short and your horse responds then a jump saddle close contact will be great too. All down to preference and comfort for you really.
stirrup leathers that are wide and secure
Suggestions for saddes**
Well I would just try multiple saddles out in store and see ig it fits you. That’s the best way to find out
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