I want to start training my horse to jump but he bucks and freaks out ever time he’s been jumped. Any tips on starting? He’s only 13

Lunge over poles and low jumps. Then ride over poles and low jumps. Move up from there.
Lunge him over smaller jumps and get him to gain confidence. Take your time and don’t rush things. Jumping isn’t as easy as it seems at first for them
Try lunging over poles and small jumps. Make sure to reward him each time he jumps over the jump ( even if it's not 'pretty')
yes, good answers your recieved so far. start with @abigailmanelli s suggestion then progress to @jsoechtig s suggestion! but is he getting anxious or excited?
start lunging him over poles/ small jumps and let him know when he has been good, it takes tons of reinforcement, dont let him fear jumping but dont let him take advantage
My suggestion would be starting of with a pole with guarding rails and hold your hands out in a V formation without pulling. Encourage with the leg and when you both feel comftrobale enough, you could gradually raise the jump. Hope this helped 😊
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