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Should horses wear blankets in the winter?

Should horses wear blankets in the winter?
There are so many determining factors when deciding this. For example, my retired mare keeps her winter coat, however, she can not tolerate colder conditions. When we lived in Kentucky I would have to triple blanket her to keep her comfortable, as she had lost some weight. But now in FL, I still allow her winter coat to grow and only need a light sheet or lightweight blanket on the colder nights. Ideally I would've loved for her to only require her winter coat, but now that she's older I think it's harder on her so we only do it on extra cold nights. Now my show horse, he's a different story. He is show clipped all throughout the season, including the winter. Because of this, we do sheet/blanket as it gets cold.
Depends where you are, breed of horse and their access to feed. We have regular sub zero temps and snow in our winters, so we rug our tb’s.
no. they have a winter coat for a reason. they aren't like humans that have no protection from the elements
depends where you live, on their health condition, and how thick their winter coat is! remember, horses are most comfortable at 0 degrees celsius anyway 0
Not all horses. Some horses can stand very cold weather if they have a thick winter coat. Those don't need a rug, shetland ponies or haflingers are an example of breeds that can live perfectly without a rug. But if you ride regularly it's a good idea. Your horse will build a less thick coat of hair if you start with rugs in time. This will help the horse with less sweating. For a clipped horse you have to, otherwise it gets very sick.
Yes it is very important for them to wear there coats so they don't catch a cold or a chill
anything 40 or below I recommend blanketing if your horse doesnt wear one already. Makes sure to put one on repeatedly in the same temperature so they don't catch a cold.