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Good horse movies and to shows to watch?πŸŽπŸ΄πŸ‘

Good horse movies and to shows to watch?πŸŽπŸ΄πŸ‘
Emma’s Chance
A cowgirl story
Man from snowy river, Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, Wild hearts can’t be broken, Sylvester. A few of my faves!
Jappeloup is a French movie - I only know a tiny bit of French but watched with subtitles and I really enjoyed it - true story about a rather unlikely horse making it big in the jumper ring.
Harry and Snowman on Netflix is an amazing documentary!! Much better (in my opinion) than fictional horse movies :)
Netflix is the horse lover movie SPOT free reign and spirit riding free are 2 REALLY AMAZING Netflix original shows
Movies Racing Stripes, war horse, wild hearts cant be broken, the horse dancer, cowgirls n angles, cowgirls n angles 2, Spirit, Misty of chincoteague, Saddle club movies, rodeo girl, the greening of Whitney brown Shows heartland, spirit riding free, free reign, ride, horseland, saddle club series,
Heartland 🐴
Wild fire!
I LOVE heartland! Wish I had Amy’s talent!
A sunday horse
Free rein
Heartland 😊
Heartland, secretariat, free rein and harry and the snowman are my favourite
Ostwind 1,2,3 (it's in german tho so you need to find subtitles
Heartland all the way
Thank u all so much for the great ideas!
The horse whisperer, Heartland, touching wild horse, the storm rider, A Pony tail, all roads lead to home, Phar lap, the amazing racer, Misty, and flicka 1,2 and 3. (I especially recomend misty, it is old school but really good!)
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