Are polo bandages good support for horses legs while jumping? Like 3’ nothing than high, or should I invest in boots?

Polo wraps actually provide more support to the horses legs than boots, however polos are much trickier. Boots can be way more convenient and quick, but polos are a bit more time consuming as they MUST be wrapped ever so precisely. If you are not familiar with how to wrap your horse properly/ safely, then it can do more damage than it can good. So as long as you are experienced with wrapping and can safely wrap the leg, those will provide wonderful support! Boots are great too, I love the convenience👍🏼
if you know how to wrap them, they're are much more supportive than boots
Only use polo bandages if you've had practise if not you could injure your horse
I have ithig against polos but to me there hard to keep clean. Boots are easier and take less time to put on and take off :)
I definitely agree with the previous comment! If you want to invest in boots, save up and then buy a really really nice pair. That way they’re durable and last you a while!
polo wraps give a lot of support! use them and then if you really want boots save up for nice ones!
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