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Tips on seeing a distants before jumps?

Tips on seeing a distants before jumps?
I went to tons and tons of shows and every jump I would count the strides, not me showing, watching people show. And I’d always do that, then at home you do the same, eventually it gets stuck in your head! Like a song 😂
Watch jumpoffs on youtube or gopro videos. Sounds silly but it works well.
But when you’re in the arena, set a grid so see how much space your horse uses for each stride.
Always practice with a ground pole first, count your rhythm, I never count down. I always say count up because you never run out of number(strides) where as counting down always gets to 0.
count down from 3 and work on counting while your flatting to get a rythm!
This might sound funny... but while I was pregnant I watched loads of helmet cam cross country to keep my eye in. I’d try and count down from 5 out, and now I’m back jumping again my eye has definitely improved!
Establish a rhythmic canter with plenty of impulsion, as you get straight on to the jump place your gaze somewhere in the distance past the jump and begin to count 🤗 If you don't see a distance, do not panic, there is always an option there. Ride what you see and stick with your decision👍🏼
Counting your strides out loud really helps. And while you’re practicing setting poles out can help you see the distance.
I count my rythmn the entire time on course so 1-2-1-2 and so on. This helps keep and even rythmn to get to the jump in a good distance. Also it's good to count down 3-2-1 before the jump. Lastly, you want to make sure you do a lot of extending and collecting in your warmup to make sure your horse is adjustable to fix the distance to a jump. Hope this helped! 😊
No problem!
Thanks both of u!!
Practice with just poles and no jumps
practice, practice, you can set out a pole 3 strides out from the jump, or when you turn to one count down from 5 when you think you’re 5 strides away