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Tell me something about your horse/pony?

Tell me something about your horse/pony?
my horse tells you when he is ready for food. he will neigh and whinny if he knows it’s time for hay. he will snort when its time for grain. and he will smack his lip and nudge you when he wants a treat.
My Arab will whinny for whatever name you call him. You can call him sausage, wiener, dumdum, rascal, he will yell as hard as when I just call him Flippy or Noah. Also he talks back when he thinks you are talking to him. Just say something that sounds like a question when looking in his direction and he will whinny an answer back. He knows people think it's funny and give him attention. Getting attention is his drug 😂
He's super needy, doesn't let me mount him if I don't pet him first
My horses name is Caraszini but he is one of a thousand names 😂 We call him Z, Zeen , Zini, Zeen-La-Ween , Weenie, Schnitzel, Rhino and Sneeks❀
My mare loooooves kids, to the point where she'll leave food to hang out with them, and food is her favorite.
haha i meant food
Tuscanyy: He’s good aggressive and always impatient to go back to his stall. Buck: He doesn’t like you grooming his belly.
We call my gelding ,Colby, cheesehead 🧀 😂