When looking/ trying new horses to buy should your trainer go with you?

most definitely
always smart
Yes yes yes
Yes also get a fairyer if u can
Yes, because they will have a good idea about your ability and the horses ability and help match you together
Always a good idea, they might pick up on small important things that you might not both on and off the horse. If they can't come in person then I'd video my ride on the horse I'm trying and takes tons of photos to show them later.
if you dont know what youre looking for, yes.
Yes, if you are inexperienced and if its your first horse. If you don't know what to look for then your trainer can help you ALOT. I would also have a vet go with you if have your own personal vet(not really necessary). So it really depends on your experience. :)
Hope this helped!!
Depends how much you know and how much your trainer knows. Always good to have a second opinion
Yes especially if you really trust you’re trainer. For the most part they know what to look for and can help you make important decisions. But make sure that they really know what you’re looking for
I think it’s always helpful! They’ll always be able to give you advice and help you make a good choice
yes! someone more experienced can see flaws in horses you might think are perfect
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