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If my trainer yells at me all the time for the smallest things but doesn't yell at anyone else, should I switch?

If my trainer yells at me all the time for the smallest things but doesn't yell at anyone else, should I switch?
No. You don’t want a trainer that ignores your flaws.
Life is too short to be yelled at.
No. That means she sees hope in you. If she's not yelling at anyone but you that says to me that none of the other riders have promise. But you do, so take it as a compliment. Trainers will not spend valuable time cultivating a student who they cannot produce results with.
I don't know what your situation is or anything but I would look at it in a way that she sees potential in you and wants you to succeed so she is pushing you and putting more effort into you than others?
That's just based off my own experience but if she's being rude and it's unhelpful then yes move
Most people only feel that they get yelled at more, but in reality everyone gets their fair share. And some of what you call small thingsmight not be small things and could harm you and the horse.

If you do decide to switch, my advice is to not burn any bridges with your previous trainer, first rule of leaving a barn for another. Be polite and thank him/her for their instruction.
i would. they shouldnt yell, they should correct & give you a tip to help you remember
Ask your trainer what you are doing wrong and she/he might help you out with your mistakes as him/her why they are yelling at you and if they keep on yelling I suggest telling someone else and then maybe switch trainers
Have her take videos for you or someone else take a video of your lesson with a clear shot of you. Later, listen to the critique and watch if it’s really something you should fix. Also, have her explain why you should fix the things she yells at you, that way you understand. It also depends on the things she’s critiquing you about.
That's a personal preference depending on what you can/can't deal with and what you are willing to tolerate. If you think your riding would thrive more under a different trainer with a softer approach, take a lesson elsewhere. If you find their coaching / critiquing more appealing and helpful, then look into making the switch. This sport is expensive, and very tough, it's important that you are happy and comfortable with the person you are looking to for guidance 🤗
If you feel like you are getting picked on unfairly and it is effecting you then yes you should switch.
A trainers job is to help you learn but that means being supportive and praising you too. Reminding you of small things if you are forgetting them is fair but not yelling at you about them all the time.
If you don't enjoy ur lessons or feel like your instructor isn't right for you then switching will turn out better for you.
I don't know exactly what she yells about but if it gets really bothering or just plain rude then you should talk to your trainer or switch. If she clearly yells at you and doesn't to anyone else and also its getting offensive then yes, maybe you should consider a different option. A trainer is also supposed to support you and praise you but if you don't enjoy your lessons then switch.