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What brand of stirrups do you recommend and why?

What brand of stirrups do you recommend and why?
Pink ones. Ive heard they make you fly
Freejump. I’ve never lost my stirrups in them and they’re safety stirrups so your foot won’t get caught if you fall
I have the flex- on stirrups and I absolutely love them the have reduced my joint fatigue and have a super wide foot bed with a supper gripy tread and they help with absorbing shock after a big fence. I have also heard great things about the lorenzins but if you get the chance I would try riding in different types of stirrups to get a feel of what you like!
I love Lorenzini's! I've been saving to get my own, but when I've borrowed my trainers I love that they are a little heavier, they move way less and they have the grippiest grates where your feet go, so you almost never lose your footing within the stirrup!