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What is the purpose of "no stirrup november"? :)

What is the purpose of "no stirrup november"? :)
Just a trend but riding without stirrups is great for getting a better seat
It’s supposed to help you further your riding, but honestly I think it’s supposed to torture us😂
At my barn we do it because show season has ended and going back to basics is key over the winter, when you ride with stirrups we take advantage of it and use little shortcuts. Riding without stirrups really forces you to do a number of things, you have to be connected with you horse because you’re very vulnerable at first, it builds confidence, if you can ride without stirrups you can do anthing, your leg and core will get the workout of your life, you are reminded of the correct and best position to have the most balance possible.
To work with no stirrups more and to obtain more balance. Also to strengthen up your legs, but it’s always good to work with no stirrups all year long.
to have better balence with your horse
Improve your position and it is a great test of your overall strength of core and legs in the saddle.
Getting a better seat and being stronger over all. After I did no stirrup November I had a better seat and stronger legs
I love riding no stirrups and do it all the time in my lessons. I feel like the horse is listening to me better and we just work super amazing with no stirrups. Then when I pick them back up we are golden
And ofc for getting better contact with your horse as you are sitting deep in the saddle
But you should ditch stirrups all the time and not just bc no stirrup november. I personally love going without, especially when Im not liking how the horse or me is doing as you can really focus on riding the horse and not worry about yourself that much like posture and that stuff
It builds your leg muscle, rather than you relying on your stirrups to keep you in the saddle. It also helps you lengthen your leg and put it in the proper place sometimes.
To build leg muscles. We don't do it at my barn, but we do stirrupless rides occasionally :)
Thanks! Who got that idea? Since when exists these idea? :)
to build proper leg muscle