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Thoughts on riding bitless?

Thoughts on riding bitless?
I feel it’s a good bonding experience, I don’t do it often as my horse is quite crazy and he gets so strong
It is a great test of your bond with your horse. I love riding bitless, only in a halter. My horse prefers it.
Start off in a roundpen and do walk-halt transitions and then move up from there. It’s really fantastic for learning to use your seat and legs more.
I think it's fine bit it can cause some very serious damage. They can cause facial paralysis and make breathing harder. It also isn't good for every horse and really promtes incorrect connect as much use the poll for support. My thing is if your horse goes well in it and doesn't have any health problems them your fine
i would definitely recommend it. . .the only thing is that some horses just cant go bitless, they need that sense of control. i’d try to start them in hackamores early, so they don’t have to go through that lengthy transition from bit to bitless bc that’s much harder to accomplish!
See I think any horses are good to ride without bits. My friend has a very hot trotter/quarter cross and I ride her in just her halter. She is still quick but with plenty of half halts to tell her that I'm still there nd she needs to pay attention, she comes around
It's a good thing to do every once in a while! My Arab had some dental issues about 6 years back. I started riding bitless to keep him in shape until the dentist resolved everything. He can still go into a frame easily, jump a 80cm course or go on a hack with his bitless bridle. Nowadays the Arab can be fussy on the bit with the girl that leases him. When she rides him bitless there's no problem so she always rides with the bitless bridle (jaw-crossed bridle)😊
When you or your horse isn't used to it, just start in an indoor arena with basic dressage. Also make sure you know how the different types of bitless bridles work! A jaw-crossed or chin-crossed bridle is easy to start with for both you and your horse. A hackamore is not suitable for constant pressure and can be tricky in inexperienced hands. Riding bitless is fun and something every rider should know how to for when your horse has a sore mouth, needs/ has been to the dentist, or just for fun 😊
Love it
I’ve personally never done it, but it seems really fun! Just make sure you trust your horse an that they’re reliable, just so they don’t go galloping off with you on their back 😂
Love riding without a bit!