My horse doesn't like to jump of a bank into to water he will back up and rear! It's not the water that's the problem it's the drop any suggestion on how to stop him from refusing

I have tried following other horses doesn't work tried to walk him in and show him the drop went round to do it and he backed up and reared
Thank you guys xx
Start by just having them walk up to it, get them used to the idea of the drop, then try to walk them down the drop and if that goes well then try it at the Trot and the canter, you don’t want to rush a horse if it doesn’t want to do i
I agree with Lowri, start with very small drops and a brave horse to lead. Gradually take more space inbetween the lead horse and you, untill he jumps them alone. Then move on to a slightly bigger drop and start close to the lead horse again. Always reward him immensely for jumping down the bank, and quit in time. This way he will learn the drop is a fun exercise. Good luck!
Have someone go in front of you on their horse to give you a 'lead'. Start with just trotting and cantering in with no drop and slowly increase to a small drop, then slightly bigger, etc.
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