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How do you know your ready to own your first horse?

How do you know your ready to own your first horse?
You need to know the basics like... how to know if your horse is sick or lame
How To tack up and an tack your pony. how to get your horse on and off the horse boxes or horse truckAnd you have to of been horse riding for a couple of years before you get you own horse .

it orways good to have someone helping you when you need it. Your riding level has a lot to do with it I see a lot of kids and teens get there first horse and end up getting hurt or the horse getting hurt cause they think There good horse rides so get your instructor opinion before buying a horse not saying that you will do that
but it happens a lot. I hope you find a good first horse or pony
Knowing what to do and how to look after the horse and some people get a feeling that they want to spend there life with them. Also knowing the costs of horses and making sure you are READY because horses are a big commitment. When you own a horse it isn’t a hobby it’s a lifestyle.
First, knowing all the basics is important. You need to know what to do if it goes wrong, vet, feet, teeth etc and how to spot it if they are sick, injured etc. And knowing all the ground stuff. You should also have someone experienced to help you xx