Halloween custom ideas for horse and riders ?? Please i need ur feed back it’s important!💗

Headless horseman, dead horse rider/stablehand
indian, super heroes, two characters from your favorite movie.
I’m doing mario and Luigi my horse is wearing a green stable rug and a green fly veil and I’m wearing red jhodpurs red top and a red skull cover I also going to add some paint customisation.
Headless horse man on a skeleton horse
Angel and a devil, bumblebee and a flower, bride and groom, witch and broomstick, fairy and a unicorn 😊 hope this helps 🤷🏼‍♀️
The lion the witch and the wardrobe is a good one to do with your horse as the lion and the rider as the witch!
Well I’m going to go as Santa Claud on a reindeer cause I’m soooooo excited for Christmas
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