How many times have you guys fallen off? And how many years have you been riding? I recently fen off a horse and nearly fractured my hip and this is my 6th fall out of my 10 years

I’ve been riding 5 years, and I’ve fallen off 12 times haha. On my first couple lesson horses I fell off lots but now i rarely do. I’m 14.
I'm only 12 and I've fallen off 15 times and I've been riding for nine years. But my horse is only five so he's really jumpy and spooky
2 falls in 6 years
Out of about 6 years I have fallen off 6 times
I’ve been riding 3 years, competing at a reasonably high level for one year and I have fallen off about 6 times, 5 of those times were rider error but the 1 that wasn’t was a dirty stop at a fence and in result I am out of the game with a broken neck for a few months.
I've been riding about 5 years and still haven't fallen off (knock on wood). But you know what they say, "if you haven't fallen, you haven't been riding long enough"
I’ve never fallen off before but I’ve been riding on and off for around 5 years but I’m only now starting to do proper lessons. I’ve had 6 proper leasons
I've honestly lost count. I've been riding about 15 years and was never a natural when it came to riding but I was fearless and often stupid so I've had alot of stupid falls. In the past couple of years I've had less thank God as I've actually gotten some sense. I have had a few nasty ones though.
I’ve been riding for a little bit more than 10 years and I haven’t fallen off once (though now I said that I’m probably going to fall off next time I ride).
I rode for about 8years. I have lost count on how many times I have fallen off. I only started riding at rhe age of 45. But so far I have not hurt myself badly. Due to illness I haven’t ridden for 2 years. Going to have to start all over again
most of them were ponies rearing (bc I thought It was about to flip I emergency dismounted) bolting when I was bareback and wasn't ready for it
10 years and about 10 times haha
25 ish times ive been riding for 10 years but I'm shorty mc shorty ova here so I get put on the bad ponies in which I love!
15 years and i have fallen 4 timea
I’ve been riding for 2 years and I’ve fallen off 5 times, but there have been many times where I’m just hanging off ready to fall to the ground 😂
Been riding for about 10 years now and have fallen off about 4 times 3rd time I fell and broke my elbow
I've been riding for 7 years and I have fallen off about 5 times 😂 I'm pretty sticky but there have been many times where I was really close to falling off 😬😂
I’ve fallen of once and I’ve been riding 12 years
About 6 years maybe 7 regularly. And I have fallen off 3 times, last time today actually 😆😆 All of them while jumping
I use to ride western now i am riding english. I started a year ago and i love this style but its alot harder to adapt. Any advice?
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