I haven’t ridden in weeks because I decided to take a break and give my horse some time off. But since the weather has gotten colder I’m afraid he’s gonna act up when I get on

turn him out and lunge him
If there’s a fenced arena with no obstacles in it, left him run around in it and let off his steam.
Turnout, lunge, feed a little natural calmer, even if he is playing up on the lunge better that then you sitting on him. He probably won’t hurt himself as they are horses they throw bucks rears ect whilst playing in a field.
Or turn him out! Turning out is good because it’s all on them and they can just run around and be crazy
I would suggest lunging him first, just to get it out of him, then get on!
and I feel like when he acts up I always lose my confidence :( any tips and tricks I’ve tried lunging him but he was super crazy doing it so I didn’t want him to hurt himself doing it
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