What to do if your tall boots don’t zip up all the way? Is there any tips and tricks to loosen it up some because I can’t even button them anymore.. I can not afford another pair

you can buy boot stretch spray and use that if the boot’s calf size isn’t fitting. if it is just the zipper not zipping, use a shoelace through the zipper and pull it up.
I just don’t want anything to ruin my boots tho :(
They make a boot stretch spray which
Is basically just pure rubbing alcohol. Spray it on your boots and flex your calves and walk around until you can button your boots. Then you can just keep doing this so it's more comfortable.
Yeah puts lots of warm water on the inside and outside with a sponge to really get the leather soaked. Then put them on and zip them up as far as possible, wear them for a few mins then try to zip them up further. Wearing them when wet can be uncomfortable, and it takes time but it makes a huuge difference
I have heard that you could put warm water on it to loosen it up
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