What color saddle pads look good on dark bays? I want to get a white one with teal trim, but I’m afraid it might get too dirty.

Red, maroon, burgundy, yellow, pretty much any shade of blue! Just anything bright!
Red or green
If you want the teal trim, you could use a black saddle with the trim.
Blue or burgundy
I use any shade of blue on my bay 💙
I have a b vertigo navy pad with gold binding from horze and it looks lovely on a bay
A lovely orange on a dark bay is nice!
I love a dark red on a bay. It looks beautiful
bright colors look so so good on dark bays. i love the medium blue from dover & the mint one as well on them!!
I have a bay and I think he looks the best in royal blue 💙
Most colours look nice on dark bays, white will get dirty fast but if you look after it then it should be fine
Navy blue
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