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Things to remember when training a yearling?☺️

Things to remember when training a yearling?☺️
Don't turn from your reins xx Turn from you upper body it keeps them more balanced
Always patience, but establish yourself as boss and develop a good sense of personal space between you. Horses (even the young ones) respond and show respect to the leader. So don't be scared to stand your ground, and make things very black. and white. Also, they're only so young, so only train for short, easy periods of time in order to have a positive and productive outcome Good luck!
Stay patient and nice
Hand walking with halt/ back up, picking hooves, trailer/ Lorry loading and walking away from other horses is always a good way for a youngster to start. Train them with respect, patience and always be consistent. Never be afraid to ask someone for help or advice.
Pay attention to their short attention span. Short 5-10 minutes are enough for such a young horse. And of course don't make them do anything their body isn't developed enough for.
Be nice. Treat them like they are drunk and a toddler. It works
Take into account that they dont know anything. Dont expect them to magically obey oders that you havent teach them.
And respect them, remember that they were living normally until one day we decided to put them a saddle 😂 that must feel a little bit weird at first.
Good luck with your yearling!!!
Be nice and patient and don't get angry quickly and don't give up quickly it takes a while to train a yearling so patience is the key!
patience!! it takes time for them to slowly get mileage, and allow them that time. don’t rush or compare your yearling’s progress to another, every horse’s mental process is different. if they do something bad, let them know it was wrong, but don’t be harsh. . .remember that they don’t know any better. good luck!!
always be patient and kind, don’t get quick to get mad. kindly show them what’s right. don’t do things outside their limit and take things slow, don’t be in a rush
Don’t get frustrated. I know training is frustrating but be patient with a young horse, they don’t know any better.