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Tips for calming nerves before/at shows?

Tips for calming nerves before/at shows?
Plug in some earphones and listen to a playlist that calms you down. Works every time
If you're like me and your nerves affect your horse and your performance in the ring then try smiling! It actually works, I've tried all sorts of thing with my mental performance coach From breathing exercises to 'drugs' and found smiling the most effective
Usually what I do the night before a show is just relax and take a bath or something that way I’m not so tense in the morning but I also make a playlist on Spotify to listen to when driving to the show to calm me down some. If that doesn’t work just take deep breaths :) you would be amazed how relaxed you would be if you focused on your breathing. Hope this helped!! :)
I just have to remember that most of the time, it’s only a show. It’s not like my whole life depends on it, in terms of placing. You also just have to remember that you’re a goood rider and trust yourself and your horse