Hello everyone, I am having a serious debate with and parents and with myself, so guys, I really need your opinion 👀.
It's a little bit long so I'll write it in the comments.

If you don’t want to dedicate your life to horses and compete in higher competitions then keep corni
If I was in your situation I would keep Corni and try to put more training into him sending him to a breaker for a week and see if they’re able to get a little bit of his unpredictability out of him to make your parents more comfortable but at the same time still keeping your boy!
Make the decision not only for you but for Corni. What chance does he have to find a loving owner even with his vices?
It’s not my decision to make but if corni makes you happy keep corni.
@zoecosmo that's true, the feeling of archieving something or everytime things work out is AMAZING.
No. I'd say stick with corni, I had the same thing nearly and it's the most amazing feeling to be able toove through the classes and the steps with this horse and to be able to say you improved him, you got him their. Corni could probley go to a higher level with a little more work
Hi Clara! I am sorry your having to make this decision.
I went through something similar and regretted for along time although it all worked out well in the end.
I would suggest thinking what you really want do complete higher level or stay where you are.

The other option is to hold off and save up so you could keep two horses.
1. I have a horse called Corni, we have been together for 3 years. He is my first horse so I am madly in love with him, he is my life, my everything. But he is a really difficult horse, he thinks like a human and is always looking for a way of messing things a little bit 😂 The things is that I have fun when he does those things (like spoking, suddently turning 180°, going crazy...) but my parents dont.
They and my trainer say that after being able to ride him I could ride any horse and that if we bought another horse, I could compete in higher classes and go to more serious competition than just competing at national level. (I dont want to dedicate my life to horses).
It looks like a good idea to my except that I cant imagen not having Corni (I have had issues with depression all along my life and I cant imagen how would I be left if I had to let go the most precious thing I have).
So guys, what is your opinion about this??
What do you think I should do, stay with my precious Corni, with him being a challenge and a difficult horse every second and competing in lower classes???
Or trust my parents and my trainer, sell Corni, buy a new "easier horse" that can help my grow and develop all the things I have learned with Corni??

Much love!!
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